1. What is Made to Order Services?

Made to Order services are special services dedicated for customers who wish to have a unique and individually designed products that are made in Italy

2. What are the products you offer MTO Services for?

We have custom designed shoes, Jeans, Leather jackets, Ties & Leather goods.

3. Where are all the products made ?

All the products are completely made in Italy by our finest craftsman.

4. How long does the product take?

The product usually takes about 30-45 days depending on which products or services we require.

5. What is the return policy?

There is no return since the product is custom designed for you unless there is a manufacturing issue once the product is delivered. In that case, provide the bill and the product with the original packaging and we will initiate the refund.

6. Do you do Home / Office Services?

Currently within the UAE we do home services.


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